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Our Responsibility For Elephants

At Elephant Joy we understand that the issue of using elephants for tourism-related purposes is a controversial topic.  But this is the only way we can feed our elephants and keep them healthy and HAPPY.  BUT As such we review our position constantly and trying to ensure that we are following ‘best practices’ and keeping up with new developments.

  • Our all elephants have animal specialists and veterinarians doing regular health checks in every 15 days.

  • Our Elephants always (means Always) have access to adequate drinking water three times a day.

  • We feed our Elephants appropriate food, especially according to the natural feeding behavior.

  • Enclosures We use, to house our elephants are always clean, hygienic and well maintained. We change the place in every 12 hours so the smell of urine and dung disappear naturally and they have a good place to rest.

  • We have employed positive enforcement training methods . we do not involve our Elephant in any activity which is cruel or harmful .

  • Elephants should not be trained to perform unnatural actions, for example, tourists climbing from the trunk, having greeted with garland by an elephant.

Making a change - The basic purpose to start this sanctuary to have enough money to feed our elephants well and keep our family an honorable life.  We also support wildlife conservation organization in India. 

We keep Plenty of food for  our elephants  :- We always have plenty of food , hay and sugarcane for our elephants so they can eat and be healthy.

No Circus Tricks :- We do not do any circus tricks with elephants. No climbing from the ears or Trunks. 

No Bath in Winter :- As Elephants are very sensitive health wise, and they can not get enough warm after shower, so we DO NOT allow our elephants to bath when the weather is not hot enough. 

No Chains at All :- We do not keep our elephants in chains as our farm is big enough for them to roam around and there is always a Mahout (care taker) with the elephant to take care of. 

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