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Our Responsibility Towards The Society

Elephant Joy Cares

Elephant Joy Cares aims to support local artisan communities of Jaipur by buying their products and improving all aspects of everyday life. We actually buy handcrafted product by the local artisan whom they make their products by hands, which  provides opportunities for children to go to school, for women to have accessible daycare for their infants, for local businesses to sell their products globally, and of course it's not a big help but WE ARE DOING OUR PART.

Educational Initiatives

Teaching English in classrooms at slums schools in Jaipur is just the beginning of what the Elephant Joy is doing to improve the educational system in local communities. Our partners Organization works to supply schools with current and relevant teaching materials, as well as stocking the classrooms with the supplies necessary to teach the eager, young minds. As we mentioned before it's not a big help but we do our part 

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